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    What we can Learn from the 2016 Election: Culture and Narrative

    Donald Trump secured electoral victory yesterday with 304 electoral votes, his 2 faithless electors voting for Ron Paul and John Kasich. It is important, whether your side won or lost the election, to reflect on the outcome and how to improve on it. How did Trump win over so many hearts and minds in the swing states? How did he find a path to victory? Firstly, the culture of his campaign created supporters nationwide. In the final weeks of ... Read More

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    The Case for Donald Trump that you Haven't Heard

    In the past 24 hours, Donald Trump has become the uncontested front runner of the Republican party, the likely nominee. After narrowing the field down from seventeen contestants on the Republican side, and with the Democratic nomination still in contention, this is the first real indication of what is in store for the American public in the general election season.  There are many reasons one may choose to vote for Donald Trump; the strong ... Read More

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