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    From the wilds of Alaska to the world...my writing is a mix of poetry, nature contemplation, urban fantasy and real life experiences, based out of my travels in Alaska and experiences at home, living in the wilderness of the Middle Yukon River Valley.

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    Ode to Cordulia shurtleffi

    Arxtic blue ghostly hewbeneath the apricot rising sunsBeluga fin morning crunch, dry tendons cracklin'Down out of the plum mountainsinto an aqua spring cool-whipped breakuphe awakens the Sagavanirktokin Riverroaring deep beneath the ancient frosted frozen landthen tortures the suns, exploding dreams anewIce Bear Shimmer ShiningGnarly Golden Grizzlybrilliantly blinding dirty blondeMeaner than the Polar Black,scenting. big starving nose high. bl... Read More

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    Raven's RiverTime

    Hot, mad and undetected, the tear leapt from her chin to her chest as she ran along the Yukon River.Is it just a female thing? she exclaimed out loud as she slowed to a fast walk, Why do I always end up fighting with the power hungry and unyielding males?I just want to be part of the pack, she thought in frustration, to be let in, let alone, given a place and purpose, understood. I don’t want to fight. By the time she reached the end of the co... Read More

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