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    I am Traveling Man! 

    Where am traveling?

    All over the Caribbean and raising a glass (of whatever you like) to creating a daily path that lead to your dreams through a real inspiring 272 words.

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    Boom | Traveling Man_05

    "Keep your head down," Andy says, but it's too late. The metal boom hits me square in the fucking head.  That's gonna leave a mark.  I run my fingers along the bump on my head before looking at them. There is black-red ink on my fingertips and the rage is bubbling up again. That fucking boom. I swear if it hits me again, I'm gonna punch it in the fucking face. "You alright? Who you talking too?" "Nobody. I'll be ... Read More

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    Rio's Revenge- Traveling Man_04

    The white dots are blinking above me in Rio Dulce's black sky, but I'm sopping wet and can't even enjoy them. I have slimy vomit residue stuck between my toes and I'm stumbling back to my boat perched on metal stilts suspended 20 feet in the air.  My head is throbbing and Montezuma's Revenge has me in its tightening vice grips. Just as that truth hits me, something blinds me.  "ALTO! ALTO!" ... Read More

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    Dying Curt | Traveling Man_03

    Curtis had me laughing often. He was my dad's best friend and a friend of mine and he would come racing over on his shitty golf cart at 100 miles per hour, peeling around the asphalt corner like Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in Back to the Future, his gray curly hair splaying out behind him like a peacock. Curtis was part mad man to me, but in a good way-- in a way that his words and laughter and crude jokes shook my insides and made me re... Read More

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    Bowlines | Traveling Man_02

    A few weeks ago, my brother asked me, "Can you tie a bowline yet?" "I have six weeks bro-han." "You are going to fucking die... aren't you?" "No... I am not." But it got me thinking. It really did. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Buenas dias, Wilson!" ... Read More

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    Traveling Man_01

    A small black boy pulls at my construction jeans and asks me to be his neighbor. "Sorry buddy, I'm leaving for the Caribbean soon.""What is that?" he asks."A place far, far away from here.""How will you get there?"I grinned and touched his small head. "I'm going to sail." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today, I actually tried to un-confirm my 272 sub... Read More

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