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    Why Dystopia Is Popular Now?

      Nowadays, people are more interesting in a “dying world” but not a “perfect world”. This is what Sadie mentions, today’s society focuses more on creating dystopian works. The prosperity of dystopian works is an interesting phenomenon; it represents that people are losing their passion of imagine a perfect place—but why? My answer of this question is that people usually have similar imaginations of utopia, but their ideas of dystopia are ... Read More

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    More’s Prediction: The Socialist Country

    I think More is a visionary author because he successfully prophesizes a socialist country in Utopia. I realized that Utopia is very similar to China in the 1950s’ which was a socialist country in a political transition. Utopia shares many features with China, including collective labor and a small peasant economy. These features make me believe that Utopia is based on a hypothesis and not just a daydream. The socialist background is the most ... Read More

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