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    Our society has moved on from Utopia

    With the introduction, I like how you stated that in it's time Utopia was an idea for a perfect society, but that it no longer is. You also discussed how not having wealth-based conflict is a reason why More's Utopia is seemingly peaceful. Without the presence of greed and a surplus of resources, communities would be able to live more harmoniously without feeling the need for upstaging one another.I agree that utopian and dystopian novels, mov... Read More

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    More's Utopia at 500

    More’s Utopia was written in 1516, and while the utopia was not perfect, it was thought of as a very progressive at the time. The utopia still contained sexism, and the presence of cruel and unusual punishment that is no longer accepted in this day and age. To replace these old-fashioned ideas I would grant women in Utopia more independence from their husbands and fathers, and would require the community to  have more humane punishments for cr... Read More

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