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    Response; good connection

    I think this is a wonderful piece of writing that is very important for people to read. I love that you brought up the connection between Utopia and China, because it’s not one many Americans would notice. I think it’s fascinating and as I read I could fully see the connection and I understood what you were talking about. A few other people also talked about the connection between Utopia and other countries and how it can be seen in the real w... Read More

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    Pessimism created Dystopia

    Thomas More’s Utopia is now 500 years old, and I would argue it has not aged well. It is filled with sexism and slavery; it’s non-secular and has a strong hierarchical system. These traits wouldn’t pass today’s standards for a utopia. I think Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech or Charlotte Gilman’s Herland better reflect today's standards, although they are not perfect. People’s current views and beliefs have changed throughout time.... Read More

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