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    The Rise of Dystopias

                I agree with your argument that popular culture is favoring dystopian works over utopian works. If you asked almost any young adult today to name a novel that features a society that is different than our own, the majority would answer with works such as The Hunger Games or Divergent or The Maze Runner which all take place in obviously dystopian societies.             However, I have to disagree with you on the reason for the ri... Read More

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    Revisiting Utopia

    In Thomas More’s 1516 work Utopia, he created what was, at the time, an ideal society. All the citizens of this imaginary world had an excess of resources. The town had no system of currency so Utopians never experienced wealth-based conflict and the society was peaceful. These revolutionary ideals of the perfect society were contrary to many of the central principles and beliefs of the dominant countries of the time. The stark contrast fo... Read More

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