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    I spend my days working for BNI, the world's largest referral networking organization, where I help local professionals grow their business by building profitable relationships. I spend my weekends and nights with my husband and dog either cuddled on the couch or out in the woods. My ultimate happy place is in the middle of the woods with no cell phone reception (or the phone left at home) hunting or just walking. I've always had a love affair with reading but recently, with the help of 272, I'm discovering my inner writer. 

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    Well informed or well amused?

    "Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights." Thomas Jefferson. It's effortless to stay informed in this internet era. Yet being well informed grows more challenging daily. Gone are the days of a few nightly news broadcasts with anchors trusted by both sides of the political divide. News op... Read More

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    Bringing Nature Into Politics

    Bountiful hours spent with my Father and Grandfather in the Massachusetts wilderness cultivated my worldview in subtle and far reaching ways.  Look hard enough and you will see that life always finds a way. A doomed seed will sprout atop a boulder with no room for roots. Yet I've seen many a mature tree perched high above with sturdy roots that through force of will found their way over the unyielding rock to the pliant ground below. ... Read More

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    Adam Ruins Everything

    In this world of fake news and growing mistrust in the media, and facts in general, there is one shining beacon of hope. Adam Conover hosts "Adam Ruins Everything" on TruTV. Trust me, he really does ruin everything. Best of all, sources are cited for each fact he shares. What a novel idea! I like to think of myself as intelligent (who doesn't) yet I'm forced to see that I don't have many sources for the plethora of facts I have believed to ... Read More

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    Cocaine - It's a Hell of a Drug

    The number of my childhood friends and High School acquaintances battling opioid addiction grows daily. They are intelligent, kind people with supportive, loving families. Not exactly the classic recipe for a drug addict.  I count myself lucky to have avoided it. I'd like to cling to the idea that my lack of addiction is the result of good life choices and willpower, but the truth is far less glamorous. I was scared shitless of hard drugs. ... Read More

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    The Music Truck

    I distinctly remember summer nights as a child hearing what my mother called the music truck. Around dinnertime each night the same white truck would drive through the neighborhood playing music loud enough for us to hear inside the house. Something about the melody called to my brother and I, yet Mom would always simply say it was the music truck. Nothing special at all.One summer night my Grandfather was babysitting us. When the music truck ... Read More

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    A Defense of Laziness

    My father-in-law and I had a polite debate on the importance of "making the bed". He firmly believes that a bed must be perfectly made each and every morning, 365 days a year, with no exceptions. Sheet corners must be tucked with military precision. Decorative pillows and a fancy throw blanket are strategically placed to complete the masterpiece. Said pillows and throw are carefully placed in a chest to preserve their integrity during the nigh... Read More

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    The love of a fruitless hunt

    I love deer hunting with a passion beyond the ability to describe with words. And yet, after 6 years of faithful commitment, I've yet to kill one. This isn't surprising, but my lack of disappointment often is.In a deer stand I disconnect from the technological, fast paced world and connect to the natural. It's the only place where I am truly alone with my thoughts. The only company I have are the birds and squirrels flitting about around my he... Read More

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    A Reality Check on Privilege

    All Massachusetts residents are familiar with the reputation of Provincetown, or as we call it "P-town." It's known for stunning beaches and eclectic art galleries, but it's infamous for something else entirely. Let's just say calling it gay friendly would be the understatement of the century.  I spent a weekend there with my husband. Each night was a parade of people proudly being themselves. Drag queens sashayed down the road in outfits f... Read More

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    The Economics of Beauty

    In America, and across the developed world, unrealistic beauty standards are set by airbrushed magazine covers and celebrities transformed by makeup artists. The consequences of this are as harmful as they are pervasive. The emotional distress this causes isn't the bone I want to pick today. I'd rather do a purely economic assessment. After all, beauty isn't cheap. In 15 years I've spent about $50 a month and ... Read More

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    All Men are Created Equal (Some Restrictions Apply)

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  This phrase was and is a truly humane approach to politics and worthy of revolution. However, when the founding fathers wrote this line in our Declaration of Independence in 1776, certain restrictions applied. These restrictions we... Read More

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    The 2008 Crash For Dummies (Like Me)

    "Yell Fire!", a song by Michael Franti, is choc-full of witty verses in scathing review of American issues. The melody is fantastic and one line always makes me chuckle. He sings, "three piece suits, bank accounts in Bahamas, Wall Street crime will never send you to the slammer." Explanations of the 2008 financial crisis are readily available yet I didn't understand the big picture. After all, I only sat through one college economics course an... Read More

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    Every 90 Seconds

    Half awake I stumble into the bathroom to start my day. I turn on the shower to allow the water to heat to my preferred temperature while I turn on the faucet to brush my teeth.  A child has died. I brush my teeth, hop in the shower and let the warm water wake me up. I stand there, letting water cascade over me while I think about the day ahead of me. I don't rush. I simply stand there enjoying the warmth. Eventually I wash m... Read More

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    Just Go With It

    A loud buzz signals the door to the geriatric psychiatric ward unlocking. My stomach turns as we walk down a hallway lined with elderly patients in wheelchairs. Some mutter nonsense while others are beyond words. As we near my Grandmother's room, my Grandfather tells me to stay in the hallway and enters alone. I sit in the hallway and listen. In the throes of her psychotic break, she accuses him of obviously ridiculous acts. Their conversation... Read More

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    A Country Divided

    'Tis the season of wild accusations, dangerous generalizations, patriotic rhetoric and hate speech. Yes, the American election season is well upon us. So far I have resisted the temptation to join the frenzy of Americans shouting opinions, many of which are formed from misinformation and, lately, a hefty dose of racism and xenophobia. I cannot help but remember the wise words of President Lincoln; "a house divided cannot stand." He was referen... Read More

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    Lessons from my Grandfather

    It’s easy to forget the traditions of our forefathers in our fast paced world. My grandfather was a second generation immigrant with parents from England and Portugal. He lived a modest life in Massachusetts that, despite his foreign ancestry, was classic early American. During the Great Depression his family was reduced to meat rations. Desperation inspired him and his brother to hunt everything from bullfrogs to ducks, which kept his fam... Read More

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    My 272 Origin Story

    Three years and four months ago I held a training. I was disappointed with the small turnout of only three people. Little did I know what great fortune I would have by meeting Serena. I quickly saw the power and potential in her. Despite all of my intuition, I had no idea how lucky I would become to eventually have the privilege to call her a friend. Now we are engaged in a great undertaking that in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagine... Read More

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    What is love?

    On Valentine’s Day, Facebook is covered in photos of expensive gifts. Friends comment on the picture of a sparkling diamond that the lucky lady got a “good one.” Why do we shell out a paycheck to say “I love you this many dollars?” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with giving a Valentine’s gift, but that’s not love. Love is stopping at the store to pick up their favorite treat just because you know they will love it. It’s also for... Read More

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    272 Words About 272

    Written by: Joel Smith

    When my wife and I and two friends founded 272 we set out to create a different sort of social media platform. A slower, a quieter, a —dare we hope— more civil place for thoughtful and thought-inspiring conversations. Challenging conversations. No rants please. No echo chambers. So we took as our inspiration the Gettysburg Address, a document that was challenging, inspiring and, as we now know today, enduring. It stood as one nation's... Read More