Democracy and the American System of equal Three Branch Government are on display for the world to see and appreciate. However, the sad and ironic part is that the Trump-led Executive Branch is the biggest impediment to making this our collective shining hour. His arrogance and ignorance in governing are glaringly apparent.

The seemingly unrealistic campaign rhetoric and rallying points of then-candidate Donald Trump are now being heralded as a basis for actual policy. The now President Trump is forcefully attempting to fit his square peg of fanciful upheaval of American Government into the round hole of traditional American Principles and Values. Appealing primarily to his own base grassroots group of political zealots and Right Wing extremists has become a formula for protracted dissension and confusion. He is the proverbial bull in the china shop of fragile democratic institutions.

We are now faced with national and global challenges that more than ever require non-partisan and not just bi-partisan reality check. The narrow policy agenda that embraces “Trumpublicanism” as a vibrant departure from business as usual in the nation’s capitol, is not a panacea for bringing all branches of The People’s Government into harmonious functioning. The fact is that President Trump appears to view America as his own now personal government in the classic prototype of a despot and strongman autocratic ruler.

Even those who were his most staunch and earliest supporters are now seeing the hypocrisy of implementing such policies that so obviously benefit the wealthiest class of citizens at the considerable expense and detriment of those struggling to just keep pace with American economic and social norms. Eternal vigilance is essential.

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