Arxtic blue ghostly hew
beneath the apricot rising suns
Beluga fin morning crunch, dry tendons cracklin'
Down out of the plum mountains
into an aqua spring cool-whipped breakup
he awakens the Sagavanirktokin River
roaring deep beneath the ancient frosted frozen land
then tortures the suns, exploding dreams anew

Ice Bear Shimmer Shining
Gnarly Golden Grizzly
brilliantly blinding dirty blonde
Meaner than the Polar Black,
scenting. big starving nose high. blurry eyed fear maker.
so much faster, brutal.
starvations hunger view

Drop the sled - augh-
have to leave the dogs behind.
Parka. PLOP.
fanatic frantic run
a chain smoker's lifelong promise to quit
a race for survival without a gun.

Wrapped in hotdog bun blankets and finger fries,
the ketchup squishes and squeezes out of the little lies they told,
HUFFING POWER. behind. behind. rotten stinking flesh.
faster, faster
almost. 2. u.

and away
from the politics of lower 48 kings and queens
liberty's torch, alone, burning bright
crystal spirals of light, half moon flare burn
A call to her wallet, n' check for her passport
water splash - awake
Inside the lungs of the land ship
-still in the away world-
after a short spring night

White shadow curves fast around
red eyes scanning road to bound
Shimmer hot flare in an icy home
from hidden slumber of dawn's slave
She rises
from frozen grave

Celery snap
rotten guacamole drift.
Slippery Slide ---- WHAP
forever glow
buried at four years old
Stormy snow spirits adrift woeful arxtic winds
tell tales of the forgotten

Will I cry in your arms, 
my lost lover?
Or will her wayward mountain peaks
suck my tears away forever?
Brutal hits.
Harsh reality.
Tough girl, Snow White or White Snow
find your yukon river bite

Raven. Search. Find. Teach.
Graceful silent killer glide.
Sink teeth in,
release the FierySheefishFight
Teneral no more,
tarpon silvered spoon
Cut to the bone,
till dragonfly flight.

[Above word count: 272]