The TED talk that Simon Sinek gave several years ago went viral as we all know, and it got a lot of people talking. Have you ever seen it? More than once? It is totally worth it, right?

It’s all about the reality of Steve Jobs and Apple -- and the reason so many people are passionate about their Apple products. It certainly made me think, and so I ask this very simple question:

What is YOUR why?

Why do you make your products or offer your services? Why did you make the first decision to give life to an idea for those products or services? What lack did you see in the world? What pain did you expect to remove? What niche did you think you could fill? What was your ultimate goal?

Why did you decide to put so much energy – and maybe a whole lot of time and money – into this endeavor? Why did you finally just “go for it”?

Early on, many of us think that if we have a product or service to sell, the world will beat a path to our door. Slowly we learn that doesn’t always work out. We all have competition, so we need to differentiate ourselves.

Knowing why we are in the business we have chosen is huge. It helps keep us on track as we come up against inevitable hurdles. It helps us go over, around, or through potential barriers to our  success. It is at the heart of everything we do.

So again I ask: What is YOUR Why?

 (Watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk here on YouTube:

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