A lie travels halfway around the world before the truth has time to get its shoes on...

Whenever I hear this line, I picture poor ol’ Truth kneeling down in our family entryway, easing on his running shoes, lacing them up just so, and then and only then lumbering out the front door. Maybe at this point Truth pauses to scratch his head, look around and mutter, “Now, where did that dastardly Lie get to…?”

Too late! Mr. Lie is halfway around the world!

It is not a fair contest, and we know it.

So what happens when we encounter someone in life who understands all too well this unfair fight? And that person occupies a position of power, for instance the highest elected office in the land, which in turn ensures we pay attention to his every utterance? What if that person chooses to exploit the Lie’s many advantages?

Indeed, what if that person understands how the more, and the more salacious, lies he generates, the harder it is for us to fight back with reality? The more Mr. Lies are set loose to sprint the globe, the more Mr. Truths there are fighting for space in my entryway trying to cram on their shoes. An unfair fight becomes even more tilted.

What if that person becomes president?

Would we have the common sense to gather ourselves for a moment, stop chasing lies around the globe, put partisanship back in its place far below national interest, and instead come together as true patriots to remove that person by constitutional means? 

I feel future generations will judge us by how we answer.

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