"You know, you were the first one I had ever met who took betrayal as badly as you did." She said it as if she hadn't gone through even worse circumstances than him by any standards.

"None of us miss a class in the betrayal course in the University called life. Love cures it all, you know. Forgiveness is like a spiritual all expenses paid vacation after the prison of hurt and offense...try that!" She was trying her best to be encouraging...but it was not working. 

He was still angry, wishing death for his betrayer but her words made him now wish death on her, he was not ready to let go just yet. He wanted revenge not love. That was day one of his downfall. He took the road of holding on to bitter hurt.

Had he known of the jail term he was now serving waiting for him just down the road of bitterness, anger and revenge...he would have taken a different road. Had he known of the real love that would come into his life, he would have never cut himself away from it, from her. She was still coming to encourage him after all these years behind bars. However beautiful she still was and full of love. She had moved on. She often came with the pastor she called husband. They never gave up on him as a former member of the congregation.

The anger of the betrayal had lost its momentum with time. What remained now were the guilty stains of taking a life after being a decorated CFO of a blue chip. Ridiculous, sad, unnecessary. Smh.

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