The Up and Downside of a Free Press and Media

The press and media are the chroniclers of our history as it unfolds before the people. They are charged with going beneath the surface to fact-find and ultimately seek and find the truth. The most vital aspect of its function is to safeguard our Democracy and way of life by its responsible assessment of information delivery and dissemination that keeps honesty at the forefront.

While it is their responsibility to work with the government to protect the vital interests and sometimes secrecy of details associated with national security; it is imperative that they do not allow the citizens of the nation to be duped or otherwise shield by any leadership version of the truth.

This can sometimes be a fine line they tread to honor government long-term strategy and the people’s need to have immediate clarity of actions or inactions they otherwise have a right to know. So, there are times when the government and its relationship with the Press and Media are joined in the interests of protecting and delaying the transparency of strategy, especially in relationship to international interactions, or where elements of National Security can be compromised.

The Press and Media have an obligation to partner with the Government, unless that government is creating an adversarial relationship. The Press and Media are therefore charged by the Constitution to be the eyes and ears of a Free People as a check and balance against the overreach of its government, no matter how vilified they may be by that government or its surrogates.

There is no downside to a Free Press.

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