The decade of the 1960's was the most character-revealing era of who and what America was and was to become. Looking back over that tumultuous period is like pulling the scab off the nation's wounded soul and revealing a festering cauldron of hatred that was many layered and deeply entrenched.

The ugly reality that hatred and fear had bred and the predictable outrage in all quarters of society led to a knee-jerk mobilization that stirred the imagination and challenged all citizens to finally come to terms with a sickening acknowledgment. If America was to survive as a bastion of freedom and democracy it would first have to address the issue of race and race relations.

The 21st Century is unfolding from a different vantage point of investigating that same despicable and gaping wound of America's body and spirit. The Nation is again being mobilized from within as the world looks on with scorn and condemnation. The ascendancy to the seat of leadership, of one Donald Trump, reveals in no uncertain terms that we are again at a crossroads of treatment in either cauterizing or succumbing to this ravaging menace of bigotry and godless divisiveness of its citizenry.

It is no longer just the Blacks who bear the brunt of this senseless inhumanity. Today it is the Hispanic, the Mexican, the Arab, the Muslims, the Gay, the socially and economically disenfranchised, the gender gap. may be anyone who acquiesces to this politically expedient status quo, and does nothing.    

It is time to commit to a course that detours the dread that lay ahead, 

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