It is done. The man that won the Electoral College but not the popular vote, the man that was often branded by many as brash, rude and a loose cannon, the man that no one gave a chance of being elected, has taken the Oath of Office and is now America's 45th President of the United States...whether you support him or think he is a demagogue, it is apparent the USA is in for quite the ride. 

The backlash from the election is alive and well, so much so that there are Women Equality Marches upon the Capitol, coordinating with other states and countries around the world. That being planned on the day after an Inaugural address is unheard of. It is amazing to see such a divide, one in which hashtags such as #loveTrumpshate and #notmyPresident have been bandied about. It is so virulent that those that did vote for him have been vilified and almost bullied by those that see DJT as someone that is intent upon destroying our Civil Liberties. All in all, President Trump has an uphill battle on his hands, and in the infancy of his Administration; I wonder how this huge chasm of differing opinion can be bridged.

There have been contentious transfers of power in our past. Thoughts of a Civil War, a Great Depression and a disgraced exit from the Oval Office come to mind. America survived those times, and she will get through these tough times, as well. I am curious to see how the lens of history will look back upon this time, and can bet that the entire world does too.

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