Sometimes I get down, not in the boogie-woogie sense, in the melancholy definition. There are less than a handful of people to whom I will ever admit my down times, but they happen.  These times are the greatest blessings.

The bad times, the horrible times, they've blessed me with the ability to seek out the beauty around me. The beauty that ALWAYS EXISTS no matter where you are or what you're going through.

From the hard times, sometimes in the eye of the storm or after, there's a calm that will appear. In these times, better than ever, I know who I am. When I am climbing up and out of the storms, I am more powerful and grounded than even I can grasp.

They are the blessings. They teach me compassion and love. They are the pathway to strength. They provide me with a full spectrum experience of life. If I only get one, If this is my only life, I WANT IT ALL. I want the good and the bad, the hurt and the joy. I want the peace and the unrest. I want the whole experience.

I am thankful for the difficulty I've experienced. It has given me a perspective that makes life beautiful. It makes me unbreakable. I thank the universe for the fear, loneliness, desperation, inadequacy, and pain that brought me to where I am. It made me practice seeing the beauty; that makes me invincible. 

I don’t know if everything will be ok. I don’t know if I will end up destitute. I do know I will be ok, because I will always see the beauty.

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