In this world of fake news and growing mistrust in the media, and facts in general, there is one shining beacon of hope. Adam Conover hosts "Adam Ruins Everything" on TruTV. Trust me, he really does ruin everything. Best of all, sources are cited for each fact he shares. What a novel idea!

I like to think of myself as intelligent (who doesn't) yet I'm forced to see that I don't have many sources for the plethora of facts I have believed to be true.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Diamonds are rare, right? Wrong and wrong. Both simply relics of extremely effective marketing strategies.

We all know that fingerprints are as unique as snowflakes and donating food to a pantry helps those in need. TSA prevents terrorism and locking up prisoners reduces crime rates. Except none of this is true.  

Adam ruins everything from forensic science, Christmas, sex and voting. He ruins drugs, the internet and the Wild West. He even ruins going green and giving. 

Remember the story about how chocolate can help you loose weight? It's a fake study done to prove false information can be published in a scientific journal and peddled as fact. The author even said that, almost verbatim, in his published "findings".

It is truly frightening how inaccurate common knowledge is. This of course is not new. Previous common knowledge gems that are hysterical now include cigarettes being recommended to pregnant women (for "jitters") and the supposed curative powers of mercury to treat almost every ailment imaginable.

Thank you, Adam Conover, for your mission to enlighten us all by ruining everything. 

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