The number of my childhood friends and High School acquaintances battling opioid addiction grows daily. They are intelligent, kind people with supportive, loving families. Not exactly the classic recipe for a drug addict. 

I count myself lucky to have avoided it. I'd like to cling to the idea that my lack of addiction is the result of good life choices and willpower, but the truth is far less glamorous. I was scared shitless of hard drugs.

As a young teen I was fishing with my father's close friend, Bob. He made no secret of his battle with drugs and was extremely open with me about his many experiences. 

"Cocaine.... it's a hell of a drug." He said. An almost wistful look of longing crossed his face. "You will never be as on top of the world as you are on Cocaine. You will also never feel so low as you do coming down from it." He went into detail on the low that really drove the point home. "Furthermore, some can casually use. Others seal their fate with their first line, and forever are slave to an unquenchable thirst for the drug. The only way to know which you are is to try it."

This stuck with me my entire life. It was an honest account. The D.A.R.E officers in school only told you the bad part, never admitting that drugs can be fun. After all, who would do it if it wasn't enjoyable? Bob was the first to share with me that drugs are incredibly fun - in the beginning. 

For me, the best drug prevention tactic was the plain truth.

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