My father-in-law and I had a polite debate on the importance of "making the bed". He firmly believes that a bed must be perfectly made each and every morning, 365 days a year, with no exceptions. Sheet corners must be tucked with military precision. Decorative pillows and a fancy throw blanket are strategically placed to complete the masterpiece. Said pillows and throw are carefully placed in a chest to preserve their integrity during the night. To live any other way is utterly unthinkable to him. 

I, on the other hand, outright refuse. Sure, I straighten out the sheet and comforter before I get into bed each night, but only to preemptively defend myself from my blanket stealing husband and dog. After all, I do prefer the blanket to actually cover my full body. As for the rest? No thank you. I despise being pinned down by tightly folded sheet corners. In fact my first order of business in any hotel room is to free the imprisoned sheets. I like the freedom of slipping out a foot if I get too hot, or wrapping the covers around me like a cocoon if I get too cold. As for fancy pillows? I love them on my couch. I just can't see placing them in a room only seen by pets and my husband (who cares even less than I.) 

My father-in-law lovingly called this outright laziness. I kindly countered that throw pillows are an exercise in futility. 

Ultimately there is no right or wrong choice. To each their own.

So call me lazy all you want; I still refuse to "make" a damn bed.

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