When you register your kit with Ancestry DNA, you are asked to input a name that will be made public on your profile.  This is so that others who have similar profiles will be matched with you. In other words, you can find relatives you never knew you had. So not only can you find out who you are, you can connect with more family. 

Are they fucking crazy? Do I really need more family members? I am trying to deal with the insane ones I have now. And the ones I like, I ignore because I suck and I don't make time to pick up the phone. Do I really need to disappoint more people in this world?

Another issue I had with this whole thing is what someone would do with this information. What if the site was hacked by Russians and they found out that I was the last Mongol Queen? (see Origins: The spit kit.) In Jack Weatherford's book, 'Genghis Khan,' he reports that the Soviets stole the spirit banner that is said to be the repository of Genghis Khan's soul. I'm kinda gonna need that. This could be trouble. 

I played through many logical scenarios that ranged from being chased by KGB snipers to having people from Tristan da Cunha showing up on my doorstep after hearing I've finally won Powerball. But then my imagination ran wild with ridiculous plots and I became a bit paranoid. I almost abandoned the whole kit. 

Then I decided to use a fake email and name. 

And I'm learning how to scale a wall while being shot at,  just in case. 

[Above word count: 272]