A small black boy pulls at my construction jeans and asks me to be his neighbor. 

"Sorry buddy, I'm leaving for the Caribbean soon."

"What is that?" he asks.

"A place far, far away from here."

"How will you get there?"

I grinned and touched his small head. "I'm going to sail." 


Today, I actually tried to un-confirm my 272 subscription, but then thought, "Why not write, why not create something instead?"

Creation is one of humanity's greatest tools and gifts isn't it? 

See, I'm going traveling into the Caribbean to create a new dream for myself. I'm going sailing for four months on a boat I bought for $2000. 

Granted, I'm a 37-year-old single male with male pattern baldness and the propensity to think too much; about love, relationships, dreams, purpose, and meaning within creating our own existence.

These days, I connect to the matrix-- the smart phone, the Facebook, the MacBook, the dating apps-- and they have all brought me fantasies that help detach me from the boredom, anxiety, fear, and routine collection of American life.

But in 7 days, I'm gone. I'm giving away (or selling) most of my belongings in exchange for creating a new dream of self-reliance, simplicity, sunshine, friendship, new cultures, travel, and nature's challenges.

Here, in Flint, Michigan, society seems to be crumbling. Dark water with lead, semi-assault rifles, and metal spoons full of bubbling crack creep toward the fringes of white fences and manicured lawns.

The pondering black boy asks, "Hey, can can you even sail?"

It's freezing cold and I can see my breath misting.

"No, but I believe I can learn."

[Above word count: 272]