This new year was indeed for me a heady and singular accomplishment. On New Year's Eve,  I played a game of Bridge, at my home club, the Upper Cape Bridge Club, I came in 1st Place. For me a personal challenge had been realized, met, overcome, and was now behind me.

I had achieved Silver Life Master status!  In that one instant, years of effort had been marshaled and the seemingly impossible dream of a young inner-city Black youth had finally been attained.
While there is still room for so much more accomplishment, as the game of Bridge is a lifetime quest of self-improvement and challenge; this particular milestone (Bucket List Item) can now be savored from the lofty plateau of self-realization.

I joined the American Contract Bridge League at the turn of the 21st Century. It was supremely challenging endeavor having just officially making Cape Cod, Massachusetts my home and home base. The progression towards mastering the subtleties and intricacies of the game did not come easy. Over the course of the next 15 years I would take three years off from active competition. 

Recommitting myself  in 2014 my goal was to reach the magic 1000 Master Point threshold. In the last two years I was blessed to have an 80% Game, the equivalent of a Perfect Came, along with several 70+% games. But, without a doubt, the New Year's Eve game of 2016 was for me my finest moment.

Thanks to all the wonderful and vast array of partners who can now feel a share of my joyful ascension into the ranks of career bridge players and enthusiasts. I am honored. 

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