On the brink of a new frontier

Either intentionally or inadvertently, the Russians have goaded us to openly position ourselves to a skirmish line on the unchartered territory of cyber warfare. Technology has again reared its provocative and ugly head and hisses at both superpowers as everyone must now prepare for real and imagined threats to our national security and integrity.

There will soon be a new vocabulary that characterizes our news of the day. And yet, for the average citizen of both nations the perplexity is so surreal as to be beyond immediate comprehension.

What are the cyber capabilities to disrupt our lives while toying and posturing percolates in Moscow and Washington,D.C.?  Imagine orchestrating a massive blackout or energy failure in either nation. Remember, the blackout of New York City? Even that short-lived disruption of all the things we take for granted, had us on the verge of panic.

A false scrambling of our war capabilities would likewise ignite a sudden hysteria that would no longer just see our children taking false refuge beneath their schoolroom desks.

What if our banking system or Wall Street were brought to a standstill they could not rely on information systems essential to conduct business in a fluid and understandable manner?

This dark cloud hovering over us all can be blown with the winds of indecision and over-reaction. What as a nation are we actually prepared to weather and accept? How helpless we all are against the onslaught of fear and imagination run riot. What assurances will emanate from our political leaders as they too grapple within this nightmare scenario?

We can no longer ignore.

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