I love deer hunting with a passion beyond the ability to describe with words. And yet, after 6 years of faithful commitment, I've yet to kill one. This isn't surprising, but my lack of disappointment often is.

In a deer stand I disconnect from the technological, fast paced world and connect to the natural. It's the only place where I am truly alone with my thoughts. The only company I have are the birds and squirrels flitting about around my head and below my feet. Every sense is heightened from the scent of cold forest air, the rustle of leaves 20 yards away to the smallest fleck of movement in my peripheral vision. The adrenaline surge from each potential sign of deer is primal and overwhelming. One large crack and all distractions fade into oblivion. I am only the hunter, with the same laser focus as the original inhabitants of this land. My heart beats fiercely in my throat and chest pumping boiling blood through every vein. I am taken far from the modern world and truly disconnected from all but that sound.

Sometimes the sound is followed by the sight of a deer. Some sightings have lasted as long as 30 minutes with my bow ready, but the prey too far for a clean shot. More often the sound is a squirrel or bird or nothing.

When the moment passes I slowly return back to the world, but not to the same mindset. I'm lighter, less stressed, able to think more clearly and see solutions to problems previously hidden from me. 

With benefits like that, who cares about actually succeeding?

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