More's Utopia gives us a view of a perfect world based on the weakness he encountered in his contemporary time period. More mentions a world without current and people living in Utopia are longed for peace and equality. The perfection indicates the deficiency of the More's world, where people are facing social gap between upper-class and low-class. The distribution on resources and labor are uneven to different social status and there are many conflicts happened in More's world. Till now, people are facing less conflicts on warfare and societies practice more equal treatment to people, regardless their social status. However, people today still look for utopia, a perfect world or maybe just a wonderland, where people have different experience in this land.

Today, many books about utopia is no longer that serious about a perfect place, where there are strict laws and customs. However, people are more looking for a land with more advanced technologies that bring human beings more convenient life and also conflicts. In many works like I, Robot, provides us a glimpse of a future world, where people stop using human being as labor but robot instead. Furthermore, not only through movies and books, but also video games are designed for players to take a look of future world and amaze them through complicated machine and robot.

In 2016, people still have conflict, pursue of  money and inequality problem, but not that serious as people in More's world. People are inspired by Utopia and they are from no idea about a perfect world to a dreamer. Till now, people are seeking for another monumental work that inspires them again.

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