I think this is a wonderful piece of writing that is very important for people to read. I love that you brought up the connection between Utopia and China, because it’s not one many Americans would notice. I think it’s fascinating and as I read I could fully see the connection and I understood what you were talking about. A few other people also talked about the connection between Utopia and other countries and how it can be seen in the real world.

Utopia greatly influenced our world and helped people around the world try to work towards creating this mystical perfect place. Little aspects of it can be seen, like with the socialist countries or just overall more religious tolerance and more gender equality. 

I really like how you pointed out the fact the government in Utopia had taken away their voices and decision making, and the connection you made with that to the Cultural Revolution. I took one class about Communism and it went into China a bit but most kids in the United States never get to learn about that even though China is one of the most important and powerful countries in the world. Overall, I’m glad you chose to draw these connections. I think as you said that even though it has been 500 years it was a really influential text. I think it will continue to be a road map for trying to find or create a utopia for many years. One question that I have, do you think Karl Marx might have read Utopia and gotten some ideas from it or was it a coincidence?

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