More created a Utopia with the idea of a community with an ideal government. Utopia depicts an impossible dream because it is something that can not exist; however, as humans we dream of a better life. Regardless of this, More’s work has had a great influence on philosophical and political thought and it has also had an inspiration for political change. Looking at it now, we notice how some of the descriptions that More made in his utopia actually exist in our society today. This utopia contained surveillance in society, sexism, and citizens suffered cruel punishment when orders were not followed. There are many ways I would replace More’s ideas in order to create a better world. I would create a better system where the punishment is reasonable and there would be equality between sexes. This utopia still applies to the present; all citizens had the opportunity of working in agriculture and were able to follow their own passions. All of these traits are still relevant to our society today because it is still something our community is trying to make better. 

There have been many pieces of literature that have tried to create a perfect society, but none have truly succeeded. If I were to create such a place, it would be somewhere with equality of all sexes, social classes, and there would be freedom of religion and no discrimination. It would be a community where no one will be scared to share their ideas or opinions. There would also be unlimited resources for everyone to prevent the feelings of greed and war and instead bring peace to everyone in society.

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