I think More is a visionary author because he successfully prophesizes a socialist country in Utopia. I realized that Utopia is very similar to China in the 1950s’ which was a socialist country in a political transition. Utopia shares many features with China, including collective labor and a small peasant economy. These features make me believe that Utopia is based on a hypothesis and not just a daydream. The socialist background is the most amazing point of the entire book not only because it is a great prediction but also More wrote so in the Renaissance period.

The time period limits More’s imaginations but also causes an interesting consequence: the weaknesses of Utopia are the same issues that China has faced. For instance, the biggest problem of Utopia is that it is an autocratic society. Power belongs to the government and citizens can only obey rules and orders. People have no idea about “democracy” and it seems Utopians are brainwashed and never have a desire to fight for their rights. The government can make any decision without discussions or explanations. This reminds me of the Cultural Revolution that happened in China when people viewed the government as a god, if anyone shows any different view than the government, his or her entire family would be sent to the prison. This issue makes Utopia more like a dystopia, but it was truly occurring in the history of China.

I believe More’s Utopia is still worthwhile now because it is not just a book; it is the prediction of the future, the interpretation of 500 years ago and the imagination of a perfect world.

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