More’s Utopia was written in 1516, and while the utopia was not perfect, it was thought of as a very progressive at the time. The utopia still contained sexism, and the presence of cruel and unusual punishment that is no longer accepted in this day and age. To replace these old-fashioned ideas I would grant women in Utopia more independence from their husbands and fathers, and would require the community to  have more humane punishments for crimes. Despite these problems, More’s Utopia is still applicable to the present. In the Utopia women had the opportunity to work in agriculture, and children do not have to follow after their parents career choices, and are free to pursue their own passions. These traits are still relevant to our society: the continued battle for equality of sexes, specifically the acceptance of a working woman as well as the more diverse choices for study and career paths offered to the younger generations.
Many dystopias have been created in such an attempt to build a perfect society, but If I myself had to create a utopia, it would feature equality of the sexes, races, sexualities and social classes. There would still be a healthy presence of competition to keep the community improving, but there wouldn’t be the same amount of pressure placed by society on how to live. Technology would be present, but the utopian society would not be dependent on it. Also advances in medicine and ability to treat diseases as they arise.  There would be an abundance of resources resulting in a mutual peace, so there would be no reason for war because of greed.

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