This is the space where you would usually read how the founders are "serial entrepreneurs", they are "passionate" about everything, and they have assembled a "team" that is really more like "family".

Our origin story is a little different.

We are not serial entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs at all. One of us, Serena, was a pediatric oncologist, and the other, Joel, a molecular biologist and cancer researcher. No serial entrepreneuring there. Just nice, comfortable career ladders, now abandoned. Those sounds you hear are the cacophonic screams of our mothers.

As far as passion goes, well, (this is Joel writing now) I will not say much about passion. It does not seem right when what Serena did as a doctor and many still do – taking care of sick children, and the parents, and she always says it was the children who were the strong ones – is something that puts other passions in a different category. 272 may be a labor of love – for the written word, for civil discourse, even, in our grander thoughts, for promoting a healthy society – but we should not get carried away.

The last part is canonical: we are family. We met at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York in 2000. We played basketball together, we worked in neighboring labs, we moved in together and we got married. Serena was supposed to be in New York for only one year, on a professional visit from her home country of Italy. Sixteen years later she is still here, we have kids and dogs and we are back working together again. We hope you enjoy 272 as much as we do!

[Above word count: 272]